Emfwave (emfwave) wrote in love_the_slav,

Hello everyone

I am a trance vocalist and also a Slavophile :-) While the most slavic I can claim is being a small bit Polish, still I love slavic culture and love to learn about it. I work with several slavic producers, a good friend of mine being Novosibirsk's own Shifted Reality, and someday I hope to visit Russia. I need to learn Russian first though which seems impossibly difficult.

I don't like the friction that exists between Russia and the United States, although I understand the history there. Our two countries actually have a lot in common, and my experience has shown that for the most part, the Russian people and Americans have a lot in common in our fundamental spirit and outlook on life.

Looking forward to delving more into the culture through this livejournal community, and learning more about slavic culture. :-)
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