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Fear the Russian

Love the Russian

Fear the Russian, Love the Russian
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Hi, I'm giving this community to karlkorsch so hopefully it will stop sucking, thanks.

This community is now maintained by karlkorsch though i warn you it will most likely continue to suck.

That said:

Welcome! This community is for slavs, lovers of slavs, friends of slavs, enemies of slavs, people reading/writing about slavs, travelers in slavic countries, people of slavic ancestry, the curious, and the lost.

Post whatever amazing crap somehow related to Slavdom you can dream up. General central/eastern Europe and other former-Union stuff welcome also.

Your new maintainer is a southern US second-generation Czech/American halfbreed with a burning desire to learn his ancestral tongue and about indigenous (i.e., pre-christian, tribal) slavic culture. fun.

The primary language of this community is english but please feel free to post in other (especially slavic) languages also.

(warning: this is NOT a racist or nationalist community)

[community founder, ex-manager, general ne'er do-well, and bionic girl satur9muse may also stop in from time to time.]