livin10life (livin10life) wrote in love_the_slav,

If anybody knows anything about...

 Hi guys!
I'm Natasha (Natalia)
Well im 16, a junior in highschool, and 14 years ago i was adopted from Russia. I was born in a city/town called: Chiliabinx (spelled wrong sorry). My parents have never hid this from me and i've always wanted to go back and see what its like. Does anybody know this town?

This summer my mom actually got tickets for my family and i to go to Russia. I was soo excited and i could not wait to see where i was born. Unfortunatly we were not able to go because I am still considered a Russian Citizen and if i went there, i would not be able to come back to the Americas because i have not yet denounced my citizenship.  Has this happened to anybody?? Why is Russia being so strict about it??

It would be really great to know about the place i was born since i will not be able to go over there until i denounce my citizenship (cant until im 18). 

If anybody knows anything and would be kind enough to share, please do!
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